Atlanta's Family Food & Music Festival in Historic Westside Village (AUC)

Food & Beverage Vendor Checklist

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Follow These Rules or Our Grandma will Pinch You


1. Submit your Safe Serve (if cooking onsite)

  • If you don't have a certificate go online and take the ServSafe food handling certificate Take Course ($45)

  • Upload a copy of Your SafeServe Certificate Here (Upload)

  • or Email course certificate to

Save the file name as (

                 Example:  SoulDaddyCafe-TOSA2017.pdf

2. Determine Your Menu

Food vendors must focus on a menu that relates to one of the categories below:

  • Traditional Soul Food - Fried/Grilled/Baked Chicken or Cat Fish, Meat Loafs, Casseroles, greens, mac & cheese, other traditional sides 

  • Soul Seafood - Fried/Grilled/Baked Fish (of any type), Shrimp, rices 

  • Cajun Soul - Traditional Cajun Foods with a Soul Fusion

  • Caribbean Soul - Traditional Caribbean Foods with a Soul Fusion

  • African Soul - Foods that represent the origin & basis of Soul Food

  • South American Soul - Foods that were African influenced and carry commonalities with Soul Food

  • Fusion Soul Food - Specialty prepared (Ingredients & Presentation) foods that fuse any of the above categories 

  • BBQ - Beef & Pork Ribs and Chicken that represent the American South which is part of the Soul Food family 

Beverages: Food vendors may sell water or sodas in a can or plastic bottle, but may NOT sell juices or lemonades of any kind.  The only accept ion is that All vendors are allowed to sell Sweet Tea.  ** Juices and lemonades are preserved for our beverage vendors.


3. Select & Submit Your Taste Menu

Each Food & Beverage Vendor must have at least two "Taste" selections that are $3 or less.


Taste Selections Example:

  • Smothered Grilled Wing $3 

  • Chicken Soul Taco $3

  • Cajun Grit Cake $3

  • Lemon Velvet Cupcake $3 

  These items should be small bites that allow festival goers to taste your cuisine and enjoy the full experience of the festival

   Taste Items are to be Posted on the left and right side of your stand or Food Truck using a poster that will be provided to you at check in on the morning of the festival  

   Email your list of taste items(name & price) to  



Taste of Soul Atlanta Sweets.JPG

4. Prepping Your Space & Event Setup

  • Power: Bring your own power source or grill, no power is provided

  • ICE: You will likely need ice, be prepared by bring your ice or purchase it from the onsite ice truck

  • Trash: Onsite trash receptacles are available, you will be responsible for taking trash to the onsite receptacles prior to your departure.  Trash may not be allowed to build up in a visible area 

  • Tent: Vendors must provide a tent to cover your operating space

  • LOADING: All Vendors must load and setup during scheduled times

    • LOAD IN: 0700-1030 - Instructions (Available 1 Aug)

    • LOAD OUT: 0900-1200 - Instructions (Available 1 Aug)

   PLAY MUSIC: Vendors are allowed and encouraged to play your favorite selection of Soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk & Blues selections - Our only requirement is that you don't play music with excessive profanity and that you don't interfere with the acts on the main stage


  • Vehicle Movement: When the festival begins, vehicles will be prohibited from the site until after the festival ends

  • Vehicle Parking: A secure area is reserved for you to park your vehicles; to include storage of extra supplies

  • Other: If an application is denied for any reason, after a payment is made, a refund will be returned promptly



Vending Fees must be paid by June 31st.

Pay Online or Mail to Heirto LLC, ATTN: Heirto LLC - Taste of Soul Artist Market, PO BOX 92118, Atlanta, GA 30314


5. Signage & Promotions  

Good signage goes a long way.  We find that flashy or well decorated signage and engage staff encourages festival goers to stop and shop.  Also, take the time to advertise your participation and let all of your customers know where you're selling.  You will be amazed at how many people will come back to buy your merchandise if they know your at the festival.

Taste of Soul Atlanta (TOSA 2017).png

Vendor Terms of Service: Once you have registered and paid, your registration is non-refundable unless Taste of Soul cancels the festival in advance of the event.  If there is extremely severe weather (hurricane or tornado) the festival could be rescheduled to a later date otherwise the festival is rain or shine.  Notification of festival cancellation will be posted on the website.  This is a rain or sunshine event.  We look forward to seeing you at Taste of Soul this year.  Notification of festival cancellation will be posted on the website.  The details of this policy are also presented in the “Review & Purchase” section of checkout.