Atlanta's Family Food & Music Festival in Historic Westside Village (AUC)

Taste of TOSA

Peek Inside Atlanta’s Top Soul Food Restaurants



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Announcing More Throughout The Year

A. Negril Village - Fusion + Bar - Video

B. Old Lady Gang - Traditional + Bar - Video


BEST IN 2019


Best on the Grill - Steve Caribbean

Best on the Yard - Olive Jamaican

Best from the Sea - So Full Catering

Best Side - Cater 2 U

Best Sweat Tea - Olive Jamaican

Best Suga Sweat - Cater 2 U

Atlanta’s Best Soul Food - 2018


A. Annie Laura's Kitchen - Traditional

B. Annie Mae's Pantry - Fusion

C. Beautiful Restaurant - Traditional

D. Big Daddy's Kitchen - Traditional

E. BQE - Fusion + Bar

F. Busy Bee Cafe - Traditional

G. Colonnade - Traditional

H. Greens & Gravy - Fusion

I. JCT Kitchen- Fusion + Bar

Restaurants are not ranked

J. K&K Soul Food - Traditional

K. King Southern Delight - Traditional

L. Mary Mac’s Tea Room - Traditional

M. Mo Better Chicken - Traditional

N. Murrell's CaféTraditional

O. Negril Village - Fusion + Bar

P. Old Lady Gang - Traditional + Bar

Q. Paschals - Traditional + Bar


R. Q Time - Traditional

S. Revival - Fusion + Bar

T. Rodney's Jamacian Soul Food - Fusion + Bar

U. Soul Vegetarian - Vegetarian Soul

V. Who's Got Soul - Traditional

W. Sweet GA's Juke Joint - Traditional + Bar

X. Twisted Soul Cookhouse - Fusion + Bar

Y. We Got Soul - Traditional