Atlanta's Family Food & Music Festival in Historic Westside Village (AUC)

Vendor Payment

Vendor Payment

from 600.00

Installment Payment Options Available: HERE

1-Vending Period: Price covers vending for both Saturday & Sunday.

2-Application Process: Apply now!  You don't have to pay to apply, once you are approved then you will be on our approved vendor's list.  From there you have until 3 weeks before the festival to complete your payment, which reserves your space.  Remember, the price increases the closer you get to the festival, also we choose your location in the festival based on a combination of the following factors: product offering, booth appearance and design, date of payment and number of years participating in the festival.  The only exception is that PRIME Vendors get to choose their location in the festival. 

3-Installment Payments: Approved Vendors are given the option to pay in installments.  

4-PRIME Vendors will have the opportunity to select their location at the festival.  In Early August we will notify all PRIME Vendors of the selection date.  On the selection date all PRIME vendors will be notified at the same time of the space options.  Each Vendor will then select their location in our application and spaces will be locked in first come first serve (Prime Vendors Only).   After All PRIME Vendors have chosen their spaces, in August the Taste of Soul Fest staff will use our process to identify spaces for all other vendors. 

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